An extensive collection of work.


Designing for a nonprofit on technology education and access since 2016. I build experiences programs, and the design with a distributed team of 40 at our peak, developing programs seen and felt by millions.

We run an accelerator for student founders and advocates, host talks & workshops, and build initiatives and experiences that nurture founderhood and creation.

Brand + Systems + Ventures

Empowering users with data on their sound and music on the musical calling card for music nerds.

A complete rehaul for a platform without a mobile experience, some product review, and slight music flex.

Mobile Design

WYBC Radio

Designing and building a completely new radio (+ zine + podcast) experience for Yale's student radio organization.

Web + Mobile

Collab Incubator

Collab is a by-students, for-students incubator for technology and social impact. I designed our pitch off event's brand identity and forms for an event of 100+ attendees.


Letterboxd Reel

For love of film: a small series of feature concepts and redesigns for the social film discovery platform.

Web UX

Design Collection

A collection of graphic and brand design work done over the years.

Graphic Design Archive

Gay Girl Prays for a Gun

A poetry series about girls, god, and trauma.

Interactive Fiction


Round explores the intersection between spacial and narrative memory, loneliness, and our interactions with space and internet intimacy. ⚫

Web Experience

Hop through exposed CCTVs and feeds over the world with others. When you watch the world, it watches you back.

Web Experience

Ultimate Pinoy Videoke

A web toy to sync music together with your friends in the time of Zoom, modeled after Pinoy videoke for a 5-hour hackathon.



After Orteil's Nested, a simple universe simulator contained in directories of sound.

Web Experience is a newsletter-first publication centered around Philippine technology and culture. I write, design, and deliver to hundreds of subscribers twice a month.