Standing Invitation

I want to get better at meeting people, and to meet more of you! My email is chiamisola at gmail, my Twitter handle is @hotemogf, and my Discord ID is Chia#1840. I'm always on Discord, so feel free to DM me whenever I'm online!
Alternatively, you can use this Calendly (i know) if you want.

This is a standing invitation: if you want to chat about anything at all, I'd love to talk.

About Chia

I'm Chia, finishing up my third year studying Computing and the Arts at Yale and designing for Filipinos at Kumu. Soon, I'll be joining Spotify as a Product Design Intern. On flexy things, I spoke on the keynote stage of the world's largest women in technology conference at eighteen, am an Adobe Design Circle Scholar, and dream of being as prolific as I was as a teenager (and also document my failures). I'm interested in designing radical experiences for creators and communities. Work-wise, I'm focusing on developing Developh to be a better tech talent pipeline, publishing platform, and venture studio (yup!).
I'm currently based in North Carolina, will be in Seattle for the Summer starting June, and then will be back in Manila for a gap year starting January 2022.

Attention is a finite form of love, limited by time. I am extremely online™ but profoundly bad at 1:1 talk (meaning I'll ramble on in groupchats but need to get better at reaching out to people solo). I'm grateful for every opportunity I have to learn from people's stories and fascinations. I read everything sent to me, eagerly want break barriers for younger people when I was young myself and often ignored in exploring industry, and am hungry to learn from anyone. (If I don't reply, I'm sinking or am taking time to think about a thoughtful response. Please feel free to bump, I'm never annoyed!)

Let's talk about...

Most of my interests and concerning life updates are on my blog, or Broadly: I love design, long angsty movies/poetry, incrementals & interactive fiction, maps, worldbuilding, thinking about a more poetic web, and worlding.

Things I've been up to lately, and cringey things of general interest.

  • On general tech things, I'd love to talk about design and startups, especially in building for Southeast Asia/the Philippines. I've been working at startups ever since my teenage years, and am particularly interested in building tools for creators & communities. I run Developh, now in its fifth year of nurturing creators and bettering the tech pipeline. 🌐
  • Techno-optimism ¿¿ and our role as technologists. I write to think about these questions in the Philippine context, where tech has the most potential to exacerbate existing inequities.
  • Worldbuilding and speculative fictions. Have you too, constructed entire fantasy realms in your head? Please tell me all about it and the tools you use to capture even just a fraction of what your mind conjures, how things came to be, and how you picture this world will end.
  • Incrementals, story-driven indies, and interactive fiction pieces. From Increpare to Porpentine to A Dark Room to my first play of Papers, Please—my favorite kind of games exist in constrained words that immerse, transform, and challenge your worldview. I try to make games myself, exploring gameplay more. Here's my tiny interactive fiction dump!
  • Music! Here's my and my Spotify. I ran a radio show called The GPA Drop (parodying Fantano 💀), used to go to dozens of shows a year (my favorite live shows: Fall Out Boy, Broken Social Scene, Xiu Xiu, Deerhoof, Explosions in the Sky) and write music reviews. Aside from standard indie (Sufjan, Car Seat Headrest, etc.), I seek out post-rock, math rock, emo, and skramz. 😳 My favorite album of all-time right now is tied between Grandview's Everything Between Paint And A Wall and Empire! Empire!'s What It Takes To Move Forward.
  • Writing! Don't you love talking about the process of writing more than actually doing it? I wrote a shitty novel in Google Docs my senior year of high school, and am trying to write a million words in 2021. I want to write a novel very soon. All my life I've been a huge creator, but I find myself in a period of consumption, and want to find a neat balance between the two. I'm also trying to write fanfiction for the first time (gen, not ship). I miss the days of unadultered, unfiltered blogging—Twitter is not the same. (I think about Pete Wentz' Livejournal and Tumblr a lot.)
  • Long things. My favorite book is a heavily-highlighted and worn copy of The Battlefield Where The Moon Says I Love You. I love four-hour-long movies like Sion Sono's Love Exposure, Jeanne Dielman, and Evolution of a Filipino Family (this is more than four). On music, I timed my three-hour-long commutes with sixteen-minute-long Car Seat Headrest songs. I would love to Discord Screenshare movies that take a chunk of your day with you
  • Internet histories and futures, fandom, culture. With a rise of interest in community building, I'm thinking about how underexplored cults and fandoms are. Thinking about the power of AO3, how transformative Homestuck was (even if it is... Homestuck), and how my teenage years were utterly shaped by online communities and Kaworu Nagisa PNGs.
  • G-Genshin Impact... I started playing at the end of the end of the Childe banner and have been hooked, maining Hu Tao and Xingqiu! I run Khaenri'ah, a lore project and community that produces essays & analyses on the game's lore. We've grown to nearly 6,000 followers and 1,000 Discord members in a month—which is more traction than what the startups I work on get... 😢 I haven't been so immersed in a game's lore in a long while. Uncovering Dragonspine and gorgeous OST changed everything for me. I also enjoy minmaxing somewhat. If you want to talk builds, I've all-starred Abyss and got to 31200/32000 on 1.5's Twisted Realm!
  • Now that I've spoken about Genshin Impact, I write incredibly long defenses of anime girls I love and aim to collect extensive anime essays from all over the internet. In truth, I just want to see better media analysis of characters that have transformed my worldview. Take my Homura Akemi writeup (WIP, at 14K) and my Hu Tao one.
  • Random Wikipedia pages you like. I'm trying to get more consistent at editing, and have an channel for interesting pages I've come across.
  • I want to listen to more field recordings... I made this 'universe explorer' after Orteil's Nested from Freesound samples, and want to record the world... I have a Shure MV88 that I need to use more.
  • I love clouds! My favorite type are cumulus clouds. ☁️
  • Naruto and how it should have ended at the Pein arc.

If we ever talk (and if you're into it), it's guaranteed that I'll send over things that remind me of you.

Completely different from talking 1:1, but if you're interested, this is my Tinyletter that I send out every year or so with life and work updates. Ignore how the only post in the archive right now is something I wrote at seventeen.